11 (1)Have you heard of the Paso Doble? For those of you that haven’t it is a beautiful and mystical dance that captivates you from the very first moment. Worldwide known, this Spanish

dance style is mostly performed as an exhibition or competition dance, because of its difficulty and very choreographed moves. For the beauty of the dance to come out the choreography must perfectly follow the music, the rhythm and the tempo of the instruments that are playing.

What very few people know is that traditionally the Paso Doble was a representation of a bullfight. The dance depicts the torero (bullfighter) playing and dancing with the bull before it is killed. Thus, the dance it is made by two people. The leader takes the part of the bullfighter, and the follower takes the part of the torero’s shadow or his cape. So because of its meaning, this charismatic and dramatic dance has to be played with attitude and Spanish flare.

A couple of days ago, a Paso Doble performance took place here in Bristol with Michele Webber and 8 Computershare managers. Dance Factory Bristol had been teaching those 4 couples how to dance this amazing dance style in a great Charity Event. So, if you saw it, and you think you can do it, just try it! The Paso Doble is waiting for you!

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