Dancing can have many positive effects on the body and there are long lists of studies showing us just how. We bring you a case study of a 13 year old girl, who had been away from school with depression. Her mum decided to do something about it and started looking at ways she could help her daughter . After lots of reading and trying different approaches she started to get worried as nothing seemed to help. That’s when she gave Dance Factory Bristol a call, she spoke with Michele and she booked her daughter some private hip hop and street dance lessons. Her

daughter had always loved to dance, this seemed like a great way to get her up and out and doing things again.

It was soon clear that the situation was changing for the better. Each lesson was greatly enjoyed and soon the young girl seemed to find a renewed confidence and purpose within herself. It had such a positive impact on her life that now she is going back to school and has also done a class at Pineapple dance Studio in London! It’s great to see that that the solution to such a problem was dancing. She just had to start doing what she really loves so she can actually enjoy the other beautiful things that were around her.

We are really glad that dancing had such a positive impact for her, helping her get her life back to what it was before she was effected by depression.

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